About RecycleZip

RecycleZip™ is a web site promoting the exchange of information between recycling/sanitation service providers and their constituency. The service is provided at no cost to consumers and public works agencies. RecycleZip will also include new customer lead generation tools to private contractors.

The premise is a simple one: encourage the public's participation in their local recycling programs by keeping them informed of recycling programs and schedules in their area. The typical path to such information for consumers can be quite frustrating -- typically requiring an in-depth hunt for local municipality websites followed by a tiring perusal through volumes of public information which may or may not be well-organized.

RecycleZip utilizes a unique lead generation system that can help RecycleZip to demonstrate its potential reach to municipal participants. In turn, RecycleZip will be in a position to become a central hub of recycling/sanitation info for consumers everywhere.

RecycleZip aims to make it easy for municipalities or sanitation departments to:

  • Create and maintain recycling pick-up routes and schedules
  • Provide up-to-date schedule change information
  • Create and edit one-time or recurring special events such as Christmas tree pickup or appliance recycling
  • Offer alerts to your constituency

RecycleZip also offers the following services to consumers:

  • Search for local recycling service providers -- including private contractors where no participating public works providers are located.
  • Display up-to-date schedule change information.
  • Create and edit schedule email (mobile text alerts coming soon!) alerts related to their selected recycling service(s).

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